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Tree & Shrub Program

Our 5-Visit Tree and Shrub Care Program keeps your plants healthy and vigorous through an integrated approach of fertilization, insect and disease control treatments. Our experienced Technicians can identify and properly treat insect and disease issues using Integrated Pest Management techniques and the latest pest control technologies.

Annual Plan for 5 Visits

Inspection — An inspection of trees & shrubs during each visit

Insect Control — Insect control treatments during the visit and as needed throughout the year to suppress or eliminate insect pests*

Fertilization — Fertilization of trees & shrubs (2) times per year, at the appropriate times

Recommendations — A brief report of what was seen, what was treated and recommendations for additional services needed.

Disease Control — Curative Fungus/Disease control as needed for commonly occurring issues.

*Major pest outbreaks such as Japanese Beetles can be controlled at the time of the late Spring and Summer visits, but additional visits will be billed separately as requested. Fire Ant treatments are available for an additional cost.

Additional Services Available by Quotation

Preventive Fungicide Treatments — Pre-treatment of trees & shrubs known to be susceptible to certain fungus or diseases are billed extra outside the basic service.*

Fire Ant Treatments

Tick Control Treatments

Mosquito Control Systems

Pruning Services

Please call us now for a Tree & Shrub Care Consultation: 919-942-5051

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