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Landscape Services

Custom Design

Our integrated design service is focused to be considerate to your needs and create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces through a collaborative process. Our hand rendered plans are clear and drawn to scale to help you visualize the completed project. Design options are considered and presented in clear, concise format to help you choose the option that best suits your needs and budget. Our detailed proposals list all materials, labor costs and other line item costs to allow you a clear vision of options, price points and material choices.

Hardscape Construction

We install patios, walkways, seating walls, retaining walls, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces built to professional specifications with quality materials.

Garden Carpentry and Structures

We build deer fences and gates, raised garden boxes and vegetable plots, A/C unit protectors, timber steps, arbors, trellises, pergolas and gazebos.


We build aluminum, vinyl, chain-link, pre-fab panel or custom designed wood fencing.

Deck Enhancements

We can add extensions, integrated benches, planters and staircases.


We select high quality trees, shrubs and perennials from local growers and can offer size options.

Sod Installation

We install Fescue and warm season grasses like Bermuda grass and Zoysia.

Drainage Systems

We design and install surface and sub-surface drainage systems. This is needed to manage erosion and water flow; as well as, solve issues relating to grade, poorly draining soils and hard-surface runoff. We also install dry creek beds, channel drains, erosion control matting, french drains, catch basins and down-spout connections.

Landscape Low Voltage Lighting

Create night time mood and ambiance with path, well, spot, post and pillar lighting. Numerous styles are available, high quality and built to last with stainless steel transformers, photocell and timer. We can retrofit most lamp fixtures to low voltage or LED bulbs

Ponds & Water Features

We can create a unique, relaxing oasis with the sound of running water, plants and underwater lighting. A small sampling of water features that are often included are: fountains, bubblers, pondless, disappearing (recirculating) water fountains and waterfalls. If you can imagine it, we can design and build it.

Deer Fencing

Perimeter or sectional fencing that is non-obtrusive to the eye and protects your valuable landscape.

Tree Work & Stump Grinding

We do small scale tree work. Contact our office for information.

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Landscape Services

Custom Design

Hardscapes (Patio, Retaining Wall, etc.)

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Drainage Work

Low-Voltage LED Lighting

Ponds & Water Features





My lawn didn't exist, having been trampled over the years by former homeowners. James O'Mara designed a varied and dynamic landscape plan that included drainage and a strip of pond stones to carry the water down beside the driveway. Around the new lawn they created, they planted bushes and flowers designed to bloom at all different times of the year. I have flowered plants that bloom in the winter! I was amazed. The neighbors have provided endless compliments and I am blissfully happy with the new look.

P.Oldziey, Chapel Hill