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Landscape Enhancement

Our Landscape Enhancement service employs a specialized team of skilled personnel; well versed in all aspects of landscape construction and repair. Small scope projects are their specialty and they are readily available to fulfill the needs of our current clientele.

Small Scope Landscape Projects

Landscape Renovation — Remove and replace overgrown plants with a new design. Replace worn, outdated hard surfaces or add new hardscape elements. Small improvements can be done in stages over time as your budget allows.

Perennial Bed Design and Installation — Add seasonal color and texture to your garden spaces with flowering perennials, bulbs and grasses for continual changing interest throughout the seasons.

Wildlife, Bird and Butterfly Gardens — Appreciate nature and encourage an eco-friendly respite for wildlife by creating a sustainable and inviting place for birds, butterflies and other critters.

Spring, Fall and Major Storm Clean-up — One-time, seasonal or annual services keep your landscape neat and fresh.

Mulching — Suppress weeds, cool the soil and conserve water by reapplying mulch at least annually. Certified Play Mulch is available.

Pond Clean-up and Maintenance — Ponds need regular cleaning and filter maintenance for maximum efficiency and algae/aquatic weed control.

Low Voltage Lighting Repair and Maintenance — We can troubleshoot, repair, retrofit and service your outdoor lighting system to keep it in good order.

Drainage System Maintenance and Repair — Drainage systems need regular maintenance to operate properly. We can troubleshoot, repair and maintain your drainage system to keep water moving freely.

Vegetable Plots — Raised garden boxes filled with rich garden soil ready for your seed and vegetable plants...enjoy your homegrown harvest.

Fencing — Aluminum, vinyl, chain-link, pre-fab panel or custom designed wood fencing with Hoover Aluminum Fencing

Annual Color Beds, Planters & Pots — Create a focal point with Summer and Winter annual plantings for seasonal color and texture

Plantings — Trees, shrubs and ground covers for privacy screening, soil stabilization and erosion control

Please call us now to schedule a Landscape Enhancement Consultation: 919-942-5051

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